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Official Selection


Rezzed 2015


"New Studio"

Develop Awards 2016

Full VR Support

SMASH HIT PLUNDER... a PlayStation®VR tear-it-up set in a medieval castle and its sprawling surroundings. You play as a mage - you think you’ve just inherited the castle of your dreams from your family, but actually it’s been magically locked up by a ghostly debt collector. Now it’s down to you to find enough hidden treasure in the castle to pay off the debt...


Thanks, wasteful ancestors!



Full Campaign

2 player Co-Op

2-4 player VS

Has grandma

"It’s a true kid in a candy store moment as you rush towards the nearest desk and gleefully start to hurl glasses, logs, shields and more across the area. [...] [It’s] something to slip away into, forget the rules of everyday life and trash everything in sight"

- Jamie Feltham, VR Focus



Unlock the castle!

To unchain the magical home you must smash, crash and probe every corner of the castle and its multiple dungeons to grab as many coins as you can - the more you collect, the more of the castle opens up to you! In a truly physical VR experience you can throw, shake, eat, burn and generally annihilate everything you can find in order to uncover the secrets the castle holds.


Three game modes

The three fast-paced game modes - scavenger hunt, treasure rush and free play set you the challenge of finding enough items within a specific time limit, or of finding that one piece of very special treasure. Designed especially for PlayStation®VR, smashing up old and precious items feels all the more real as you plunder your way through your urgent quest to save the castle.


Co-operative multiplayer

But it’s just not that simple - the ghostly inhabitants of the castle don’t always want you there. How can you stop them? Luckily, each mode also has co-operative local multiplayer, so your friends can help you save your family home via your TV screen!


Versus multiplayer

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Turn Smash Hit Plunder into a party game via an extra two manic versus modes set in their own special dungeons - can the TV players beat the VR player to the treasure in time?!

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We’re award-winning specialists in making fun, multiplayer VR games. We’re excited to bring Smash Hit Plunder to PlayStation®VR so that everyone can make as much of a mess as possible without having to clean up! Old-school arcade play meets innovative VR immersion with full locomotive movement, creating an incredibly tactile experience that makes the castle really come to life.


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